small-batched  granola

It all started with a love affair with food... a desire to make nutritious food

that actually tastes good. At a young age, Honey's mum instilled this

interest within her. They were always in the kitchen baking and coming up

with tasty new creations. It soon became a lifelong ambition to perfect one of

her favourite treats... homemade granola.

Honey was also very curious... and longed for adventure. She dreamed

of visiting foreign lands and tasting new foods. She eventually set out on a

long excursion, meeting all sorts of unique characters and sampling many

unfamiliar, exotic flavours. At the end of her exploration, with all that she

had learned and experienced, she was finally ready to perfect her granola

and share it with the world.

At last, Honey has merged her two passions... her love of travel and

adventure, and her devotion to making tasty, wholesome food for others to

enjoy. This brings you some of the tastiest and healthiest granola around,

while inspiring you to dream big and think outside the box.  Follow Honey...

and your curiosity as she takes you on a worldwide adventure. 

And know that you'll be on the path to health and

wellness while partaking. Honey uses only the finest

and purest of ingredients... rolled oats, protein-packed

nuts, unsweetened coconut, nourishing fiber-rich

seeds, extra-virgin coconut oil, and just a dash of 

honey for sweetness. Each serving has under 10

grams of sugar. And no additives, preservatives, or

any other nasties. Just pure goodness.


Honey's been a busy traveller... more flavours

inspired by her adventures coming soon! 

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